Vendor's License

Regular vendor’s licenses are obtained at the Auditor’s office.

A regular vendor’s license is issued to vendors with a fixed place of business and is only good for one location. The application fee is $25.

Vendor’s licenses are only transferable if you change the physical location of your business within the same county. If you move your business to another county, change your name, incorporate or add a partner, a new vendor’s license is required. If you change your trade name or d.b.a. name, a new license is not required.

A vendor’s license can be cancelled by completing the appropriate information on a final Ohio sales tax return indicating the last day of business.

Meigs County sales tax rate is 7.25%

Transient (vendors who transport stocks of goods to temporary places of business in order to make salesvendor’s licenses are obtained through the State of Ohio. For more information contact the Ohio Department of Taxation at www.ohiobusinessgateway.ohio.gov.